NetworkTables is a communication protocol used between the roboRIO and other devices on the network. For more information, see the frc-docs article.

NetworkTables acts like shared folder which is accessable by all connected devices. Every folder can have sub-folders which can also have files. These are called “tables”, “subtables”, and “entries”. Each entry has both a name, type, and a value.

A program called OutlineViewer can be used to view the NetworkTable entries and is included with your WPILib install.


Chameleon Vision stores its entries in a table called chameleon-vision. Each camera will be in a subtable with it’s name, say, TurretCam. The TurretCam table will contain the pipeline information, detailed below.

  • targetPitch (double)
    The vertical angle to the target in degrees.
  • targetYaw (double)
    The horizontal angle to the target in degrees.
  • targetArea (double)
    The precentage of the target contour from the entire image
  • targetPose (double array)
    The 3D target position as an array values are ordered by [x (meters),y (meters),angle (degrees)]
  • targetFittedWidth (double) & targetFittedHeight (double)
    The width and height of the blue rectangle in pixels
  • targetBoundingWidth (double) & targetBoundingHeight (double)
    The width and height of the red rectangle in pixels
  • targetRotation (double)
    The angle of the blue rectangle in degrees
  • pipeline (editable double)
    The index of the current pipeline Chameleon Vision should run. Change this to switch between pipelines.
  • latency (double)
    The time delta that it took for the vision process to compute the image
  • driverMode (editable boolean)
    Setting this to true enables the Driver Mode.
  • isValid (boolean)
    Whether or not a a target was found.
  • auxTargets (array)
    A json array of the 5 best targets each of the targets has its own array. The array values are ordered as [pitch, yaw, area, bounding width, bounding height, fitted width, fitted height, target angle, target pose] and are the same type like the selected target